5 Inexpensive Ideas For Outdoor Christmas Decorations

Decorative bulbs are an inexpensive way to decorate your lawn and walkway. Twelve-inch plastic bulbs come in a variety of colors, are waterproof, shatterproof, and weather-resistant. Five different designs are available. You can place a tree topper atop the ball, or scatter it across the lawn. Whatever style you decide on, you can’t go wrong with these bulbs.

Icicle lights

You may be tempted to buy a dozen strands of icicle lights for your large outdoor christmas decorations. Fortunately, there are a few simple tips that you can follow to get the perfect icicle light strand for your decorations. If you’re unsure what color you want your lights to be, you can simply check the reviews of the various brands on alibaba.

Icicle lights are easy to hang on a home’s exterior and can be used for interior decorating, as well. The majority of icicle light strands are interlocking, which allows you to display the lights around your entire house, whether it’s the exterior or the interior. You can even hang a single strand of icicle lights on a roof awning or across a stairwell.

Another great option is to use solar-powered icicle lights. They absorb power during the day and switch on automatically at night. They can be hung from a roof, porch railing, or gutter. They look great when dripping from the roof or icicle lights are hung from a porch railing. You can also connect several sets for your desired length.

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Pinecone wreaths

Whether hanging them inside or out, large outdoor pinecone wreaths look great. They have a traditional rustic farmhouse style with an elegant contemporary flair. Glue or hot glue will secure the pinecones to the wreath form. If hanging outside, you should use a water-resistant glue to prevent them from falling off the wreath. Before hanging your large outdoor pinecone wreath, make sure to let it cool completely before hanging it outside.

For a festive holiday look, try a large pinecone star wreath. Glue the medium pinecones so that their base is touching the outer ring. Use a professional strength glue to attach the medium pinecones. Then, attach the smallest pine cones to the inner ring of the wreath form. The more pinecones you glue, the tighter the wreath will be.

A natural, rustic look is always a welcome sight on the front door. Pinecones can be crafted to look like snow or topped with ribbons, berries, or other seasonal decor. Whether they’re used in a floral arrangement or hung in the home, you’ll love the look of this wintertime décor. You can also place several of these rustic beauties in different angles in your home to add visual interest.

You can decorate the wreath with battery-powered LED string lights for a beautiful outdoor wreath at night. This decorative idea looks great with candlelight as well. You can also use pinecones as a centerpiece on a table. When it’s time to decorate the wreath, consider adding some berries or a pillar candle for a festive feel. 

Jute garlands

Jute garlands are a multipurpose material that can be used in a number of ways to decorate your home and yard. They can be strung across the door and front porch and are less overpowering than tinsel and yarn. They can even be used as Christmas ornaments. Then, pinch the ends together to form a flower.

The garland can be hung around windows, or you can place it on the ground to make a dramatic effect. You can also add a rope of pretty felted balls or a silver ornament to a basic design. Most editors recommend buying more than you need, but you can use one-half of the length for draping.

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You can also make a jar ornament. For this project, you’ll need an empty glass jar, some branches or twigs that are longer than the width of the jar. The twigs should also have leaves on them. You can also use battery-powered Christmas lights to adorn these garlands. Make sure to save some of your leftover materials. You can make other outdoor Christmas decorations with the leftovers.

You can hang a faux Christmas garland on banisters, stairs, or kitchen island. Adding a Christmas tree to the front door is another way to add a festive touch to your porch or patio. A Christmas wreath with a variety of greens and twigs is another great way to decorate the front door. 

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