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If you’re thinking about going into the graphic arts and designing, you may be asking yourself, “Where do graphic designers work?” There are many, many different places where graphic designers work, including the comfort of their own homes. You can work for a large business or a small, non-profit organization and everywhere else in between. The following are a few of the most popular places for graphic designers to work:

Ad Agencies

As a graphic art designer for an advertising agency, you will work to help sell clients’ products and/or services to their target market using your creative skills and technical abilities. Your skills and abilities will be used to put the clients’ offerings and brand image in the best possible light, whether through television, the Internet or various print mediums.

Freelance Photography

It’s also possible to be your own boss as a graphic designer, which could be a great choice if you want to be responsible for planning your own schedule and be able to work in your pajamas. If you are a self-motivated go-getter with an entrepreneurial spirit you can be successful as a freelancer, which means you advertise yourself on the Internet, through networking and various local media, and find clients looking for your services. Many companies prefer to hire freelancers on a project-by-project basis because it is more affordable, especially if they don’t require the service full-time.

Organizational Jobs

many corporations, non-profit agencies, government departments and other organizations have in-house graphic designers on their teams to work on everything from the pages of their website to the company newsletter and brochures to the logo and brand image. This is a great choice if you thrive on stability.

Print Publishing

Publications, such as journals, newspapers and magazines, need graphic art designers to do their layouts and make the finished product look as pleasing to the eye as possible. You may also find work with book publishers, since so much importance is placed on the covers of books these days.


As with almost any profession, it is possible to teach the BlueSkyGraphics graphic design to budding students once you have amassed a fair amount of experience and knowledge in the field. You might find work in technical schools, community colleges, state colleges or private universities, depending on your experience, qualifications and personal motivations. There are also more graphic design teachers in many public and private high schools these days.

The Benefits of Working as a Christian Freelance Graphics Designer

Freelancing as a Christian graphic designer has very many benefits, which makes it a lucrative and rewarding career. Some of these benefits of Christian freelancing include:

You get to choose who to work with; hence; a chance to work with fellow Christians, to help each other to build on your faith.

Since you get to choose your assignments, you are able to avoid assignments and business practices that go against your Christian principles.

In special circumstances, you get the opportunity to choose whether to give your services either free or at low rates, when faced with a worthy cause e.g. for charity work or church fund raising projects.

Flexibility with your time allows you to participate in more church related activities.

Furthermore, there are other general benefits of freelancing, which include:

You get to be your own boss

You get to choose the work you want to do

Expenses are less, compared to being in formal employment

You can take on as many assignments as you wish

You get to decide how much you want to earn

Christian Graphic Design Job Openings

There are numerous opportunities in the field of design. Some of the jobs that you could undertake include designing Christian Clip Art, Christian window stickers’, Christian license plates, Christian T-shirts, or a Christian websites. The list of opportunities is endless, making the job a lucrative and worthy career option.

On the same note, finding a Christian graphic design job should not be a difficult task. For starters, many Christian businesses, organizations, as well as churches are more comfortable working with fellow Christians. Therefore, these should be among the first places that you should approach, to find out whether they are in need of a designer. The other likely place to find designer jobs is through referrals from friends, and family. Finally, numerous freelancing websites offer Christian graphic design job openings. These sites allow employers to post assignments that they need done, and freelancers to place their bids. The employers go through all applications, and choose the best bidder to do their job.

A Christian graphic design job might be challenging to begin with, especially if you are freelancing. However, with the proper training and discipline, you will be able to achieve your goals quite easily. Training will provide you with the necessary skills, which you will need to succeed in this industry. These skills include proper time management and the correct way to market your services to various Christian organizations, especially online, to ensure that you have a constant flow of jobs.


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