8 Tips for Building an Effective Facebook Strategy

Of all the social media to integrate into a digital strategy, Facebook Strategy is by far the one not to be overlooked. According to CEFRIO, it is the second most used social media by Quebec Internet users, just after YouTube. Facebook’s usage frequency is quite impressive too; 48.9% of Internet users visit it every day. You can therefore take for granted that by being on Facebook, your business will definitely reach its potential customers. Let’s see how to build an effective Facebook trade advertising in 8 points.

  1. Create a profile that reflects your business

Don’t underestimate the importance of your profile information and photos. The cover photo and profile photo are the first things people see. It’s your brand image. This is how they recognize your business and partly decide whether or not they want to look at the content of the page. Depending on your strategy, your domain, and your customers, it may even be relevant to change your photos regularly in order to increase traffic and interaction.

  1. Know your target audience: the ally in content creation

To communicate well on this platform, it is important to know who your target audience is, in order to better reach them. To do this, take the time to develop a buyer persona. It is around this target audience that you will create your editorial line and that you will choose the frequency and the moment of publication. Knowing your persona is crucial to selecting the type of publication your company will create blog posts, video content, guides, tips, etc. In short, you are winners all the way.

  1. Set relevant goals

Too many companies fall for Facebook tricks. Having a lot of likes or comments per post does not equal marketing success. Being on Facebook, just to be on Facebook, will waste your time and money. This social media should be used wisely to support your entire digital strategy.

You should use it to attract visitors to your website, to promote your offerings to increase your conversion rate from visitors to potential customers, and ultimately to delight your customers. Your objective on Facebook must always be in line with your business objectives. The trick to knowing if your Facebook presence is relevant to your business is to ask yourself, “How does what I post help my business increase sales?” By having this question in mind, you ensure that you have a positive return on investment with your Facebook strategy.

  1. Be human

After reading point 3, it can be dangerous to only use Facebook as a transmission channel for your content and your various publications. NOT TO DO! Social media are the platforms par excellence to humanize your brand and bring you closer to your target customers. Interact with her! The more human your company is, the more your potential customers will have a strong sense of belonging to your brand. This commitment from your users will be more than beneficial in the long run.

  1. Post engaging content

The secret to engaging content is to post content that makes your target audience want to view and share it. Be educational, informative, intriguing, funny, relevant, and entertaining. To help you with your strategy by brand strategist, use a social media posting calendar.

Don’t forget to diversify your posts too. Those with photos are 37% more effective than those with only text. Consider adding images, videos, links, infographics, case studies… In short, let your imagination run wild, but always keep your buyer persona in mind! By encouraging sharing with quality content, you increase the reach of your business through the participation of Internet users.

Lacking inspiration? Check out our Facebook page! You’ll find a ton of great videos and other content for your business here.

  1. Offer added value to your subscribers

Whether with special promotions, contests, privileged information, or events reserved for subscribers, offer added value to Internet users who follow you. If there is no benefit for them to follow your page, why would they stay?

  1. Analyze your statistics from a marketing point of view

Facebook offers you an easy-to-use analysis tool, use it! This way, you will be able to know what type of post is the most viral, who your followers are, where they come from, and much more. The interpretation of this data is essential in order to establish your Facebook strategy.

  1. Promote your posts and your page

Facebook offers the possibility to promote your publications or your page in an extremely targeted way. Once you’re comfortable with your page’s analytics tool, you’ll be able to find out which posts are converting the most. Thus, you can decide to promote this type of publication in order to reach your objectives more quickly.

Although Facebook is a very effective strategic tool, do not throw yourself into the mouth of the wolf without establishing a clear strategy! Take the time to analyze your situation and that of your competitors. Define your objectives, your target audience, and your editorial line. Implement your strategy and continuously measure in order to adapt.

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