When you think of flowers, the first thing that probably comes to mind is bouquets of pink, purple and white roses. But what about the flowers that smell the worst? What about the flowers that smell like nothing? Or the flowers that reek of gasoline? There are plenty of flowers that we don’t particularly like the smell of. We’ve all come across flowers that smell heavenly. But have you ever come across a flower that smells so bad it ruins the entire bouquet? Also, if you want to give flowers to your loved ones, you can search for flower delivery in Pune. But when we think of flowers that smell worse than anything else, we think of the world’s worst-smelling flowers. From the flowers that smell like rotting flesh to the flowers that smell like rotting gasoline, here are the world’s worst smelling flowers. These are very different from the flowers you want to give your loved ones while looking for flower delivery in Mumbai:-


The titan arum, the first of two flowers on this list dubbed the corpse flower, has the terrible distinction of being “the world’s worst smelling flower.” It smells like a stinking, rotting corpse, as you might expect. It accomplishes an adequate job, given that its primary pollinators are flies and beetles that prefer to deposit their eggs in dead objects. The flower is also visibly gigantic, featuring the world’s biggest unbranched inflorescence. This is a massive, stinky bloom. Its vase-like shell conceals hundreds of blooms, each of which puffs its fetor into the air. For extra impact, the interior of the spathe is the hue of red meat.


The name of this flower gives away what it smells like: roadkill skunk. It grows naturally in eastern North American marsh soils and attracts flies and stoneflies for pollination. One of the more intriguing adaptations of this plant is its ability to generate its internal heat. The greater interior temperature permits the blossom to emerge from the snow-covered ground, but it may also attract pollinators by simulating the heat generated by a new corpse.


Rafflesia arnoldii has the world’s biggest individual flower. You could be impressed by one until you get near enough to sniff it. The term corpse flower, which it shares with titan arum, tells you all you need to know about its scent. The perfume, like that of numerous other foul-smelling blossoms, is intended to attract flies by smelling like decaying carrion. Despite its unpleasant odor, Rafflesia arnoldii is one of Indonesia’s three national flowers and a protected species. When it isn’t emitting its foul stench, it produces a lovely flower.


This fleshy bloom, which grows in southern Africa, is recognized for resembling female genitalia. The odor it emits, on the other hand, is more suggestive of another body orifice. Yes, you read it correctly: it smells like excrement. Given that its pollinator of choice is the dung beetle, it’s a potent stench. To make matters worse, Hydnora Africana is a parasitic plant that grows almost fully underground save for its bloom. That explains why this organism resembles a monster from the film “Tremors.”


The carob tree’s blossoms may appear benign, but this is not a tree you’d want to seek shade under for a picnic. Male flowers are said to have a unique odor of sperm. Surprisingly, the seed pod produced by this tree is greatly sought. Its legumes are widely planted, and the seed pod may be crushed and used as a substitute for chocolate. Just be sure you harvest it during the good season.


The flies swarming around this representation of the Helicodiceros muscivorus bloom aren’t a joke; they’re an inevitable component of each interaction. The name is also appropriate, as the odor stinks like a rotting dead horse. Of course, the odor attracts flies, which serve as pollinators. On a gorgeous day, you don’t want to get lost in a field of these flowers. Surprisingly, if the day is overcast, the spathe will not unfurl. It awaits a bright, sunny day to spread its fragrance.

The list of the world’s smelliest flowers is a long one and very different from the one you search to send flowers online. Each one is distinct, but all are famous for producing an overpowering stench. These flowers are not just fragrant, and they smell like death. In the wild, they attract carrion flies and beetles that help ensure their survival.


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