The hottest web development company trends of the year

Web designers know that nothing in the industry is as constant as change. web development company trends are hot this year as well. Read how hot.

Elaborately designed landing pages and the readability of blogs are still warm. One of the hottest web development web development company in Lahore trends of the year is the standardization of layouts. This tendency in website design is no longer entirely new, but it is of constant heat. Because it harbors hot challenges for web designers. These days, they walk a fine line if they are on the one hand with a perfect responsive web design in mindhave to follow the current trend of standardization, but on the other hand must not lose sight of the personal branding of their customers. It is important to set the right accents and optimally select design elements. The few, but all the more accentuated, features not only have to be perfectly coordinated, but also function flawlessly. So the demands on an optimal website are growing. Are you also currently looking for the ideal network solution? Then read here how the current trends in web development affect the individual page elements.

web development company trends


1.) Typography

When it comes to typography and fonts in web design, you can break away from old dogmas this year. For example, from the assumption that serifs belong in the print area and only sans serif is allowed on the screen. These design conventions have recently been breaking current web design trends.

The same applies to colored fonts on white or black backgrounds that catch the eye through textures or gradients. What is usually more familiar from billboards is now also establishing itself on screens. While there was usually no browser support for this up to now, CSS masks now open up new dimensions of design options.

With fonts, of course, legibility is still in the foreground, but today this can also be achieved with experimental fonts, which are also more eye-catching. The new trends in web development also include variable fonts. This means that a font can be displayed with any number of styles or spacing and glyph widths or ligatures.

2.) Color design

With color, the designer brings atmosphere to the website, creates a recognizable brand image, creates a clear user interface and sets visual accents that guide the user through the homepage. Strong colors that go right up to the gaudy are one of the hot trends in web development Company .Luminous colors serve as eye-catchers, but daring designs with black and white contrasts are also currently in fashion.

The ongoing trend with reduced design and a lot of white space does not lose its relevance. Because the simpler the layout and the sparse the design elements, the more difficult it is for the individual components to attract the visitor’s attention. This is achieved with striking color contrasts or unusual shapes.

3.) Shaping

Websites need clear structures and are usually based on systematic grids. This year, however, web designers are increasingly using organic, rather than just geometric, shapes. The more natural lines meet the human perception of visual stimuli and create a feeling of openness. The conversion rate can be increased with more accessible elements.

  • A symmetrical geometry on the homepage can also create a catchy impression, but the sight of asymmetrical layouts is more eye-catching and more original. The harmony of the overall picture is created by the fact that the elements on one side with their arrangement create a visual balance to the opposite side.
  • Some trends in web development are due to the motto ‘ mobile first’. This is also the case with the flat design, in which the two-dimensional design is in the foreground. This facilitates the flexible display on different screen sizes in different resolutions. Due to the increased importance of responsive design, the ‘above the fold’ area of ​​the website has also lost its importance. Nowadays, not as much content is placed here as it used to be, the focus is on the eye-catcher, which should bring the user deeper into the page.

A catchphrase in  web development in Lahore trends is the thumb-friendly design. This term goes back to Josh Clark, who in his book ‘Designing for Touch’ analyzed how users hold and operate their mobile devices in their hands. The thumb plays a special role in this, which is why responsive design must above all be thumb-friendly. Modern web designers adjust their navigation to the thumb handling.

4.) Artificial intelligence

AI is one of the trends in web development that will have the most impact on the future of the internet. For many users, artificial intelligence is still a dream of the future, but web designers can already make use of the data and results that result from it. Navigation apps are a good example of concrete applications today. If, for example, the maps are no longer up-to-date due to a construction site, users can independently add new features before the next update comes.

Many companies rely on the topic of AI when it comes to automating processes or minimizing maintenance work, for example. Companies that already know and use the advantages of artificial intelligence will in future expect web designers to have the same skills. This professional group would do well to familiarize themselves with the AI ​​trend at an early stage.

When it comes to web development trends, don’t forget about chatbots. They have been on the rise for some time, but the chatbots are fully experiencing their exploitation this year. Technological advances in the field of artificial intelligence and machine learning have made these tools so efficient that they have become an integral part of web development. Chatbots are used on websites, for example, to provide interested users with better information and advice. This means that you can be there for your customers around the clock and around the world. A valuable element of your content marketing strategy that can create high customer satisfaction and save money at the same time.

5.) More web development trends in key words


Micro-interactions are the human factor of websites, apps or social media. They surprise the user with direct reactions to his surfing behavior. This can be, for example, a beep that follows the refresh of a page. The main attraction of micro-interactions is the unexpected. After clicking on a call to action button, you can surprise the user with an unexpected reaction, for example.

Hand drawn or painted elements

Such elements help to create simple web designs individually and to make them recognizable. This gives you valuable features for your personal branding that can be implemented without great effort and at moderate costs. This works just as well within blog posts as it does with individual icons or logos. In this way you can demonstrate your creativity and give the user experience an emotional factor. Your website looks more unique with such elements. One of the web development trends from this year.

Push notifications

Push messages are also a trend that is continuing this. With this feature, your website will gain momentum. Push notifications inform users quickly and easily about the latest news or point out promotions. Often they already replace the newsletter. However, providers should use such notifications sparingly and never overwhelm subscribers with them.

Progressive web apps

PWAs are ideally suited to increasing the conversion rate. This is a combination of a responsive website and a native app. With these web applications, users can work offline at any time and still send notifications, for example, or access the hardware of the respective device. The great advantage of progressive web apps lies in this possibility of offline use. That is why they are one of the hot web development trends and many companies are already relying on such tools.

Voice search integration

Now that voice assistants like Siri or Alexa have become a matter of course in everyday Lahore life, they have become an integral part of the web development trends of the year. Almost 25 percent of Google search queries are already made with the voice. The trend in website development will also be towards the integration of voice search options .

Infinite scrolling

Another trend, but one that also has its downsides. Because the footer of a website is either no longer accessible or is difficult to access. This becomes a disadvantage if important content such as the imprint is located there. So, think twice about whether or not you want to consider infinite scrolling for your website.

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It is an advantage for every website operator to keep up to date with the latest web development trends. As with all fashionable apparitions, however, you should not immediately chase every trend in this case. Better to wait until you can properly classify a development. Because there are also trends that disappear faster than they appeared. Sustainable web development trends such as good performance, on the other hand, are a must if you want to stay up to date with your homepage. All in all, fads are also a matter of taste. If you particularly like a trend, you can easily follow it, even if it later turns out to be fast-moving. After all, you show your customers how innovative you can be.When it comes to special trends, such as hand-drawn graphics, you shouldn’t follow them too spontaneously. Such elements must match your offer so that a coherent picture can emerge.

If that is the case and after careful consideration you decide to implement it, then build on quality. Because such artistically creative features are only really impressive if they are designed by an experienced designer. A high-quality fantasy element can, however, creatively enhance the image of your website in an extremely positive way.and after careful consideration you decide to implement it, then you rely on quality. Because such artistically creative features are only really impressive if they are designed by an experienced designer. A high-quality fantasy element can, however, creatively enhance the image of your website in an extremely positive way.and after careful consideration you decide to implement it, then you rely on quality. Because such artistically creative features are only really impressive if they are designed by an experienced designer. A high-quality fantasy element can, however, creatively enhance the image of your website in an extremely positive way.

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