Get Your Website On Top Of Google With Best SEO Techniques

Do you want your website to be on top of Google searches? Do you want to rank high on Google? Of course, you do, like who doesn’t want to but not everyone can achieve this. SEO plays a key role in the rankings, so you need to use the best SEO techniques if you wish to be on top of Google searches. Not everyone can implement SEO well as they might miss the necessities of SEO. That’s why we are here to tell you the best SEO techniques that you can implement to be on top of Google searches. If you follow these techniques, you can make it to the top results of Google. 


6 SEO techniques to get your website on top of Google  

  • Add target keyword early 
  • Improve loading speed of your website
  • Create unique content and add catchy titles and descriptions
  • Build authority using internal links
  • Create content that attracts backlinks 
  • Focus on improving user experience

Let’s know about these techniques in detail so that you don’t implement them wrongly. 

  1. Add target keyword early 

You might use your keywords many times on your page but you should be aware of the fact that the location of the keyword also matters for the ranking. More importantly, you should use your main or target keyword at least once on the top of your page since Google focuses more on the content that appears at the top of the page. So if you want your website to get on top of Google, you should use the main keyword on top of your content.

  1. Improve loading speed of your website

Google’s algorithm gives huge importance to the loading speed of the site. Google only prefers sites that load as quickly as possible. Before making changes, you should know your site’s current loading speed. You can use some page speed insights tool for this. The tool can give a detailed report of your site that can help you improve your site speed. 

You can use these ways to improve your site speed: 

  • Images can make your site bulky in size so you should compress images before uploading them to the site.
  • Bulky themes can also slow down the speed so you should use themes that are optimized for speed. 
  1. Create unique content and catchy titles and descriptions

Publishing unique content is also an SEO technique that you must follow. Google suggests avoiding duplicate content even in your own website as Google hates duplicate content. So, you need to create unique content. By unique content, Google means unique title tags, meta description, landing pages, image alt text, etc. Any content that you publish should be 100% unique in every aspect. 

  1. Build authority using internal links

One of the best SEO strategies to get your website on top of Google is to build authority using internal links. This is the easiest strategy as you only need to add a link of one of your site pages to your other site page. You can also prefer random internal links, but it is advisable to use keyword-rich anchor text in your content. This anchor text gives an idea about your page to google. You should use your main keyword as anchor text to make it more effective. 

  1. Create content that attracts backlinks

Backlinks are important for ranking on top of Google as it proves that your site is authoritative. Backlinks have the power to boost your ranking like nothing else. So you need to create content that will attract backlinks. Research about the content type and experiment to know which content format works best for your website in terms of backlinks. Create content that readers can relate to and reap benefits from. By doing so, you will be able to get maximum backlinks that will in turn boost your ranking. 

  1. Focus on improving user experience

User experience also affects your ranking in Google. If maximum people hop to search engine results immediately after getting to your site, Google will assume your content is not worth it and will dip your ranking. Better user experience will lead to more shares by readers which will increase backlinks and that will ultimately lead to improved rankings.  

So your site should be easy to use, free from intrusive popups and ads, and avoid broken links as all this affects user experience. 


Getting on top of Google is possible with the implementation of the right SEO techniques. So if you too want to rank of top searches of Google, you can follow these SEO techniques. The most important thing you can do is to add main keywords at the beginning of the content as Google focuses more on the content appearing on top of the page. Having a good loading speed also plays a role in website ranking. So, you should focus on improving website loading speed. You should create unique, catchy, and informative content. Focus on building authority using internal links. You should create content that will attract maximum backlinks. Along with these, you should also focus on improving user experience as this is what matters at the end. 

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