Why the Number of VPN Users are Increasing Day by Day?

You may have seen more and more VPN ads popping up on your browser and social media feeds every day. This is because a VPN has become the new must-have accessory for everyone who uses the internet. Over the past decade or so, data security, privacy, and surveillance have all been hot topics in Cox bundles users’ lives. People are more aware of security and privacy concerns than ever before and want to take protective measures. Whether you want to protect corporate data or simply look up the best Contour TV connection for your needs, you’ll feel safer if you take the appropriate steps to keep your activities undetected.

Therefore, VPN usage is now much more common than ever before. Furthermore, it is expected to continue increasing, with more security concerns coming up every day. These concerns can be anything from credit card information leaks to endangerment due to social activism in repressive environments. Therefore, whatever your reason is, a VPN may be ideal for you for a variety of reasons, as discussed below.

Identity Theft

The primary concern for most people these days is identity theft. It is very easy for hackers to tap into loosely protected databases and access a host of confidential information. This is because you have to enter your address, personal information, and financial information on multiple online platforms. Not masking your location makes you easier to target.

Therefore, a VPN is an integral part of protecting your identifying and financial information. It masks your IP and location, making it harder for malicious parties to target you.

Corporate Data Security

Corporate data is a premium product these days. Companies collect customer information from a variety of sources for their marketing and sales targeting strategies. This data is prime real estate for competitors and is something unscrupulous ones covet intensely. Therefore, there is a need to protect client and product research data with as many strict measures as necessary.

Having all the computer systems in an organization work under a strong VPN is a viable solution to corporate data theft. Your company may restrict access to several risky websites and pages on this VPN, so it is a safe place to collect data. However, it is not invincible, so you still need to be aware of data security protocols.

Content Restrictions

Sometimes, you may simply want to watch a TV show on Netflix which is not available in your region. Regional restrictions with such content are quite annoying, and may even be unfairly censoring certain topics, depending on where you live.

A VPN can help you circumvent these geographical restrictions and access the content you want. It could be a censored article about a controversial regime or simply the latest Rick and Morty season. Whatever the case, a VPN will mask your location and let you access what you want.

Online Activism

In this uncertain world, speaking up for human rights online may also land you in trouble. Regressive states or authoritarian governments may crackdown on social activists, and even endanger their lives. This means that these people need to be as careful as possible when running their human rights awareness campaigns on social media and their smart devices.

They should definitely use strong, reliable VPNs to add a layer of security to their work. This will keep the forces at bay and help them commit to their cause in a way that won’t put them in immediate danger.

Saving Money

Sometimes, using a VPN can save you a lot of money. For example, the video game industry is quite expensive in the US. However, Russia’s laws do not allow video game pricing to go above a certain level. This makes video games in Russia much cheaper than in the US.

If you use a VPN to show your location in Russia instead of the US, you can save a considerable amount of money. This is also applicable for many other industries, with different countries having their own regulations you can use to your advantage.

Surveillance Concerns

If you’re worried about government or foreign surveillance, then a VPN is definitely for you. In the wake of major events like WikiLeaks, people are now quite concerned about the extent of state intervention in their online activities. Multiple whistleblowers have warned the public about the increasingly invasive surveillance in the world.

Tech developments such as AI and social media ad targeting have just made devices more and more invasive. Therefore, a VPN can help fend off this surveillance, to a certain extent.

To sum up, VPNs are now increasingly popular with internet users. This is due to a variety of reasons, but users need to make sure they are not breaking any state or federal laws while using these handy tools. So, keep everything in check while using these VPNs.

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